Alumni Testimonials

Julicia Utari Abdullah

Dariyah / Indonesia

I always want to study abroad, that’s my biggest dream. After a long journey of applying for a scholarship, I finally accepted for Aceh Government Scholarship in cooperation with ESIT Taiwan, it made me one step closer to my dream.

I knew little about Taiwan, its people and culture. So upon accepting to study in Taiwan, I learned more about it and its education systems; and what I found impressed me. I chose to study at NTPU and took IPUG as my major. The best choice I ever made. As someone who interested in urban areas and really wants to learn more about this subject, IPUG is the answer to all of the questions related to urban problems that I had in my mind. All of the subjects are taught entirely in English. All professors teach their students passionately. Sharing their knowledge and experiences they have in life. I learned more and more things each day. Moreover, the faculty staff are willing to help students when we have a problem. Not only that, but I also get the opportunity to do assistantship in IPUG office, it makes me have a great experience while studying in Taiwan.

I have been here for more than a year the surrounding areas are very multi-cultural, the environment is really good for students, people here are so nice and friendly, so you will never feel alone. I shared my experiences study in Taiwan on my Blogspot visit and read more about it, click this link and you will know more!

Nguyen Bich Phuong

/ Vietnam

There are many ways for you to spend two years of your 20s joyfully. I have had the time of my life right here in NTPU. Within 2 years, I studied, I worked, participated in big companies’ internships, stayed active to activities, made friends around the world and I definitely improved my Chinese, most of which would not happen without the support of IPUG. Meanwhile, my classmates also have done a few pieces of research, taken care of their families or won some competitions. The young program itself was not perfect, but the great thing is that improvements have been constantly placed on time over time. Thus, I was strongly convinced that IPUG would soon archive a marvelous success in the near future in which could be able to include you.

I came to IPUG for three things: Sustainable Development, Small and Medium Enterprises and Quantitative Research Methodology. Fortunately, I managed to graduate with all three in my pocket. Even though it was not easy, it was not a struggle either since there are so many Professors with the world’s top-notch universities background there to provide students with academic instruction and life couch. In my case, my Professor got his Ph.D. in Cambridge, be proficient in regional economics, especially in using quantitative analysis.

On the other hand, IPUG is one in a few programs which are really open for suggestion. No matter what you want to study, as long as it is related and beneficial for students, new courses might be introduced per requirement. Within last year, GIS and Quantitative research were opened for IPUG students. Moreover, the IPUG one day tour with Sanxia traditional indigo dyeing experience was held for the first time. The activity did not only bring outside international students to IPUG but also bring IPUG students closer to each other, together we exploring Taiwanese local culture.

Angelo Brian T.

Castro / Philippines

Student of The International Doctoral Programs (IDAS) in Asia-Pacific Studies at National Chengchi University

Having graduated from the IPUG program, I feel confident about solving urban issues despite its complex structure. The program itself was formulated through a combination of different disciplines that provides every student a holistic background on how to approach varying urban problems in their respective countries. The professors have graduated from top-tier foreign and local universities that assures the quality of education that the professors impart during class lectures.

The IPUG offers one of the best scholarships for foreign students in Taiwan due to the generous support offered by the department to their students upon application. The students have the freedom on deciding the courses they would enroll that caters to their chosen focus of their study based on their background. The IPUG promotes nothing less than excellence for its current and alumni students.

That is why I always endorse the program to Filipino students whose interest is aligned with the IPUG.

Betty Betharia Sonata Naibahoo / Indonesia

Ph.D. Student of Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University

When I was accepted in IPUG, I was a bit worried about the language even though I knew it’s an international program. I heard that many programs in universities in Taiwan were still mixed with courses taught in Mandarin. However, IPUG prove me wrong. It’s a full English program. The university also offered Mandarin course where international students, like me, can learn how to speak Mandarin without worrying about my main courses.

Studying in IPUG was one of the best opportunities that I have in life. It gave space to expand my horizon and knowledge on city planning. Living in a crowded city where I come from, often made me thinking of how to make the city better and I got the answer in IPUG. IPUG offers course that support comprehensive knowledge and skill for an urban planner. The courses not only focus on theory, but also hands on experience. Most of the courses complemented with fieldtrip, where students visit the site and take a tour in city and analyses the strong and weak point of the city and think of solution for the existing problem in the city. Moreover, IPUG often invites renown guest lecturers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to discuss current issues that relevant to city planning which is really helpful for student.

With a comprehensive program, experienced lecturers, friendly and helpful staff, and conducive environment, IPUG always strives to do the best and assists students from all over the world to be the best in its field, Urban Governance.

Le Hong Phuc

/ Vietnam

After receiving the news that I got the scholarship to come to study to Taiwan I was very excited and looking forward to the new challenges that I was going to face. I knew that studying in another country would not be easy, but I was confident that all would be well, plus I had in mind that I had to prove I was capable of doing the right thing and prove that I deserved this opportunity. In the end studying in the National Taipei University, particularly in International Program on Urban Governance (IPUG) department, was one of the best experiences that I have lived.

All expectations I had were met in a great way. During the two years of study I met very good professors who have enthusiastic teaching, support, and instruction to help me improve my limitation knowledge about urban governance and acknowledge the new vision as well as mission of urban managers. Besides that, I had chance to make friend with nice and friendly people from different countries that made me get a lot of memorable experiences from sharing languages, culture and knowledge.

Additionally, all this time I never did need anything and I had at my disposal all the necessary facilities to study and assistance from IPUG staffs. All of them helped me to grow both personally and professionally and helped me improving my skills and get good tools for my future career. Because of that I wish to express my sincere thanks to the university and all the staff for the confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals. Also I take this opportunity to express gratitude to all of the IPUG department faculty members for their help and support.


Takuya Kato / Japan

The IPUG is an efficient international master programme on the science of city, characterised by its solidity of the teaching and its solidarity of the students. In very warm circles of people and the climate, every participant will grow into a fair, caring and responsible urban manager. With strong enthusiasm applicants from any academic background are welcome to the IPUG. They always look forward to your company.