About the Program

Special Features

Special Features


A university
with a strong reputation

NTPU has a long and storied tradition of educating and developing high-level professionals in the fields of law, business, public administration, and social sciences.

According to Global Views Monthly,in fact,NTPU was ranked 10th among 101 universities in Taiwan in the areas of law,business,politics,and humanities. Relatedly, NTPU’s strong reputation has made the university well-known around the world, with the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings for 2018 ranking NTPU among the top 201-250 schools.

Meanwhile, the QS Asia University Rankings 2019 rated NTPU among the top 251-260 schools, making its ranking comparable to those for the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology in Indonesia (ranked 229), the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines (ranked 162), King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Thailand (also ranked among the top 251-260 schools), the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak in Malaysia (ranked 236), and Hanoi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam (ranked in the 261-270 category).


Located in the Taipei
metropolitan area

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is regarded as the economic, political, and cultural center of the nation. With one of the cleanest and most efficient subway systems in the world.

Taipei is also one of the safest and friendliest cities in East Asia. In the 2018 GaWC (world) City Classifications, Taipei was classified as a first-tier city, the same designation given to Melbourne, Milan, Chicago, Toronto, and Seoul, among other great cities of the worlds. In addition, Taipei is widely regarded as one of the world’s best cities for international students, ranking 20th in the 2018 QS Best Student Cities Rankings of best cities in which to study abroad.


Distinguished faculty members
and courses taught entirely in English

A pioneering program in the field of urban management, the IPUG is the premier urban management studies program in Taiwan.

All the courses in the program are taught in English and utilize creative teaching methods such as field studies,demonstrations,and workshops to facilitate student engagement.

Moreover, all of the program’s faculty members earned their own doctorate degrees from prestigious universities around the world
(e.g., the University of Cambridge, the University of Washington, etc.),links which provide IPUG students with ample opportunities to establish international connections.


Multinational cultural exchanges
and networking

The students currently enrolled in the IPUG come from all around the world and thus provide an intellectual and cultural mix of incomparable diversity.

As such, IPUG students are also provided with opportunities to take part in international exchanges and establish cross-domain networks with fellow students from a wide range of cultural, religious, and linguistic backgrounds, offering experiences that only further enhance their future workplace competitiveness.Chinese language training courses.


Chinese language training courses

Due to its explosive economic growth, China offers a vast array of business opportunities, such that many business leaders are eager to hire employees who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context.

With that in mind, the Language Center at NTPU provides Chinese language courses for students at all levels of Chinese fluency. Many of these courses, such as “Learn Chinese from Food in Taiwan,” combine cultural and language learning in ways that are particularly appealing to students, while also providing great benefits in terms of everyday life. Furthermore, the Language Center also offers courses in Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Burmese for interested students.

Career Outcomes

Students graduating from the IPUG can work as:

  • City managers/urban planners:

    The IPUG provides students with training ideally suited for work as a city manager. A recent search of the Indeed Career Search Engine showed listings for more than 14,000 urban management jobs, and according to PayScale.com, the median pay for a city manager is 86,948 US dollars per year.

  • Researchers:

    IPUG graduates can find research and analyst positions at government agencies, private consultancies, and think tanks.

  • Professors:

    After completing the master’s degree, IPUG graduates can also work as lecturers or professors in universities. Moreover, those students who plan to obtain a Ph.D. in urban management or another discipline will be well prepared by the IPUG experience for their further scholarly pursuits.