Assistant Professors

Chantalle Rietdijk 李莎蕊
Research Interests:

Housing markets, aging society and intergenerational questions, affordable housing provision, urban politics and urban development under increased environmental risk


Grzegorzewski, Michal 楊明浩
Research Interests:

The intersection between urban life, Climate change and new solutions, Community resilience and sustainable development of the cities, New trends and the possible futures of the urban forms.

Klicek, Tamara 塔瑪娜
Research Interests:

City International Relations, City Diplomacy, Creative City, Urban Tourism, City branding, Sustainable urban development, SMART cities, Vital urban communities, Visual Methods


Fu, Chien-Hao 傅健豪
Research Interests:

Public Finance, Economics of Aging, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Tsai, Chi-Lin 蔡奇霖
Research Interests:

Research Methodology, Public Opinion and Survey Methods, Comparative Politics, Electoral Studies

Wang, Chian-Yue 王千岳
Research Interests:

Economic Geography, Spatial Econometrics, Spatial Data Analysis

Wang, Chih-Yu 王之佑
Research Interests:

Ecological engineering, Green facilities, Ecological Restoration

Weng, Chung-Bang 翁仲邦
Research Interests:

Weight Control Behavior、Physical Activity for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention、Health Informatics

Yuo, Shi Min 游適銘
Research Interests:

International Property Valuation and Use, Destination Marketing

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