Associate Professors

Chan, Yun-Shan 詹昀姍
Research Interests:

Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Microeconomics

Chang, Jung-Ying 張容瑛
Research Interests:

Urban and Regional Planning, Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development, Cultural Economic Geography

Chen, S​su-Hsien 陳思先
Research Interests:

Interlocal Collaboration, Public Policy, Regional Governance

Cheng, You-Ping 鄭又平
Research Interests:

Comparative Politics, Political Economy, and Public Policy

Chiu, Shu-Yi 邱淑宜
Research Interests:

Cultural and creative industries, the development of the cultural and creative worker

Huang, Wan-Ling 黃婉玲
Research Interests:

S&T Policy and Management, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Environment Policy

Ku, Chia-An ​顧嘉安
Research Interests:

Adapting strategies of climate change, Disaster management,​Modelling urban land-use change

Liao, Kuei-Hsien 廖桂賢
Research Interests:

Urban sustainability Flood adaptation in the urban area, Urban sustainability, Urban stream and river management, Green infrastructure

Peng, Yu-I 彭祐宜
Research Interests:

Public Finance, Economics of Aging, Labor Economics, and Political Economy

Tai, Chih-Hua 戴志華
Research Interests:

Database management, Data mining, Privacy-preserving data sharing and analysis, Social computing


Day, Min-Yuh 戴敏育
Research Interests:

Electronic Commerce, Financial Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Text Mining, Social Media Marketing, Information Systems Evaluation, Question Answering Systems, Biomedical Informatics

Teng, Chen-Yuan 鄧軫元
Research Interests:

Public Finance, Economics

Wei, Chia-Hung 魏嘉宏
Research Interests:

Information Management, Data Mining, Image Retrieval, Business Intelligence

Yeh, Chia-Tsung 葉佳宗
Research Interests:

Landscape Ecology, Spatial Strategy Planning, and Urban Ecology

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