Associate Professors

Wang, Chia-Hui 王佳惠
Research Interests:

Environment and Behavior, Architecture and Urban Design, Urban Landscape for Health and Wellbeing,  Healthy Cities, Design for Accessibility, Gender and Environmental Design, Healthcare Facilities Planning and Design, Architectural Programming, Urban Design and Public Health, and Environments for Health and Wellbeing.

Velema, Thijs 韋岱思
Research Interests:

Organizational sociology, Institutional theory, Social network analysis, Sport sociology and athletic labor markets, and Innovation in cultural markets.

Chan, Yun-Shan 詹昀姍
Research Interests:

Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Microeconomics

Chang, Jung-Ying 張容瑛
Research Interests:

Urban and Regional Planning, Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development, Cultural Economic Geography

Chen, S​su-Hsien 陳思先
Research Interests:

Interlocal Collaboration, Public Policy, Regional Governance

Cheng, You-Ping 鄭又平
Research Interests:

Comparative Politics, Political Economy, and Public Policy

Chiu, Shu-Yi 邱淑宜
Research Interests:

Cultural and creative industries, the development of the cultural and creative worker

Huang, Wan-Ling 黃婉玲
Research Interests:

S&T Policy and Management, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Environment Policy

Ku, Chia-An ​顧嘉安
Research Interests:

Adapting strategies of climate change, Disaster management,​Modelling urban land-use change

Liao, Kuei-Hsien 廖桂賢
Research Interests:

Urban sustainability Flood adaptation in the urban area, Urban sustainability, Urban stream and river management, Green infrastructure

Peng, Yu-I 彭祐宜
Research Interests:

Public Finance, Economics of Aging, Labor Economics, and Political Economy

Tai, Chih-Hua 戴志華
Research Interests:

Database management, Data mining, Privacy-preserving data sharing and analysis, Social computing


Day, Min-Yuh 戴敏育
Research Interests:

Electronic Commerce, Financial Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Text Mining, Social Media Marketing, Information Systems Evaluation, Question Answering Systems, Biomedical Informatics

Teng, Chen-Yuan 鄧軫元
Research Interests:

Public Finance, Economics

Wei, Chia-Hung 魏嘉宏
Research Interests:

Information Management, Data Mining, Image Retrieval, Business Intelligence

Yeh, Chia-Tsung 葉佳宗
Research Interests:

Landscape Ecology, Spatial Strategy Planning, and Urban Ecology

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