Chang, Ssu-Ming 張四明
Research Interests:

Public Policy, Government Budgeting, and Performance Management

Chang, Wen-Chun 張文俊
Research Interests:

Public Choice, Public Finance, Social and Cultural Economy

Chen, Yu-Shan 陳宥杉
Research Interests:

Strategic Management, Green Management, Patent Analysis, Technology Management, Business Ethics

Huang, Shu-Li 黃書禮
Research Interests:

Urban planning, Urban Ecology, Environmental Protection & Conservation

Kuo, Yu-Ying 郭昱瑩
Research Interests:

Public Policy, Policy Analysis, Government Budgeting, Cost-Benefit Analysis

Lee, Chien-Ming 李堅明
Research Interests:

Environmental Accounting, Optimal Control Theory, Emissions Trading Scheme, Sustainable Development Assessment, Composite Indicator Methodology, Climate Change Economics, Green Finance

Lin, Tsui-Fang 林翠芳
Research Interests:

Health Economics、Public Finance、Education and Welfare policy

Luo, Chih-Mei 羅至美
Research Interests:

European Integration, Globalization, Economic Policy-making & Governance, Public Policy Theory, Political Economy, British Politics

Peng, Chien-Wen 彭建文
Research Interests:

Housing Policies

Wei, Hsi-Sheng 魏希聖
Research Interests:

School Violence Prevention, Youth Development, Program Design and Evaluation, Volunteerism

Yang, Chan-Yun 楊棧雲
Research Interests:
Machine Learning, Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Modeling and Control of Robotics, Bio-Electromechanical Systems

Yang, Tzu-Han Maria 楊子菡
Research Interests:

International Economics, Industrial Organization, and Public Finance and Social Welfare

Yeh, Ta-Kang 葉大綱
Research Interests:

Elementary Surveying, Computer Aided Design, Natural Disaster and Satellite Information, Cartography, Satellite Surveying, Surveying Practice, Global Positioning System, Quality Control on Surveying

Yuo, Tony Shun-Te 游舜德
Research Interests:

Real Estate Investment and Development, Property Management, City and Town Centre management, Urban Sustainability, Spatial Analysis

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