Yuo, Tony Shun-Te 游舜德
2020.8.1-now Research Interests:

Real Estate Investment and Development, Property Management, City and Town Centre management, Urban Sustainability, Spatial Analysis

Previous Directors

Huang, Wan-Ling 黃婉玲
(IPUG Director, 2018.8.1-2020.7.31)
Research Interests:

S&T Policy and Management, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Environment Policy

Chang, Jung-Ying 張容瑛
(IPUG Director, 2017.8.1-2018.7.31)
Research Interests:

Urban and Regional Planning, Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development, Cultural Economic Geography

Chang, Wen-Chun 張文俊
(IPUG Director, 2016.8.1-2017.7.31)
Research Interests:

Public Choice, Public Finance, Social and Cultural Economy

Ching, Chia-Ho 金家禾
(IPUG Director, 2015.08.01-2016.07.31)
Research Interests:

Urban Planning, Globalization and Regional Development

Guh, Muh-Chyng 顧慕晴
(IPUG Director, 2014.12.26-2015.07.31)
Research Interests:

Public Administration,Ethics for Public Service,Comparative Administration, History of Chinese Political Institutions, History of Chinese Administrative Institutions, Development Administration

Su, Jian-Rong 蘇建榮
(IPUG director, 2014.08-2014.12)
Research Interests:

Econometrics and Theory of Taxation

Lai, Shih-Kung 賴世剛
(founding director, 2011-2014)
Research Interests:

Plan-based actions in complex systems

Behavioral planning theory, and Understanding urban development process

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