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DATE / 2022.08.25 【E.SUN Bank ASEAN Scholarship】

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【E.SUN Bank ASEAN Scholarship】

Application eligibility: An applicant who holds a citizenship of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or Myanmar applies for a master's degree and is admitted to a partner school may apply.

Scholarship amount and quota

1.Awardee receives total NTD 100,000 for one academic year, distributed in two semesters.

2.The number of scholarship awardees shall be decided and allocated by the Selection Committee.

Application method

Applicants can fill in an application form either on Foundation’s website or by the partner schools. Application materials mentioned below shall be submitted to the responsible office in the partner schools.

(1) Application form: Including autobiography, career planning, and others.

(2) Admission letter or Enrollment certificate

(3) Photocopy of the passport or residence permit

(4) Other supplementary documents: such as transcripts, language proficiency test scores, other outstanding performance certificates, etc.

Application Form and More Information:

Please email all the required documents and application form to before 2022/9/13.

Contact person: April Lin#68013/Email:

Download Link:

1. E.SUN Bank ASEAN Scholarship_2022.pdf

2. ASEAN Application_2021.docx

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