Application Timeline & Requirements

Application Timeline:

For the spring semester: 
From September 1st
 to October 31st 
For the fall semester: 
From February 1st to April 30th 
Apply to the IPUG using the online International Application System with no fee.

After you enter the application system, please select: 
Master International College of Sustainability InnovationsInternational Program on Urban Governance (Instructed in English)

Required documents:

  1. Application form (Fill out the form online. Applicant must affix his/her signature on the declaration and upload it to the online application system.)
  2. Two-page study plan which should include:
    • Your specific area of academic interest (i.e. a specific research topic you want to work on) and what you have learned about this topic.
    • How your past education and other experiences have prepared you to be successful in the graduate program?
    • Your professional goals or career plan.
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Official certificate of bachelor’s degree/diploma
  5. Official undergraduate transcript (Please provide the transcripts with GPA on it.)
  6. Non-English native speakers should provide certificate(s) of English language proficiency (such as a TOEFL score, IELTS score, or other proofs of English language proficiency)
  7. Financial statement
  8. A copy of the passport (main page)
  9. Recommendation letters (optional)
  10. Financial Aid Application Form for Prospective Students (Optional. However, it’s a compulsory document for those who intend to apply for the IPUG scholarships, assistantships, and tuition and fee waiver.) 

If any original document mentioned above is not presented in English or not possible to acquire an English version, a copy of a certified translation must be provided


Other Information:

  1. Degree Requirements
  2. Course Descriptions and syllabi
  3. Financial Aid

*IPUG only accepts full-time students, and these students must reside for at least two years on the Sanxia campus of National Taipei University.

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- Application Timeline & Requirements